Huge Endorsement

John Parker

Today, our campaign is pleased to announce the endorsement of John Parker! Parker is an individual that belongs to the Freedom Loving Forces, or the Black Lectroids, and is committed to fighting for freedom for individuals.

Parker and Banzai have known each other for quite some time after defending the earth from the Black Lectroids. They have worked together, aided each other in various tasks, and helped each other in many other positions.

Parker has been working with this campaign extensively to help promote our message to the United States. He has worked tireless hours on the campaign trail introducing Buckaroo at various rallies, speaking with individuals about our message, and even helping us with fundraising for our campaign.

It is individuals like Parker who are committed to making our country safer. Thank you John Parker for continuing to help our campaign and promote our cause.

~ Reno Nevada, Communications Director


BREAKING News: Cabinet

Today I would like to announce a major shift in my campaign:

Today I would like to reveal my cabinet – dubbed “The Hong Kong Cavaliers”

  • New Jersey – Secretary of State
  • Reno Nevada – Attorney General
  • Pinky Carruthers – Secretary of the Treasury
  • Rawhide – Secretary of Defense

I believe each one of these people will aid me in reforming our government to fight back against the Red Lectroids as well as reduce waste and fraud within various departments in our government.

I am committed to working for you as President of the United States. I think my defense of the earth speaks for itself, but just in case you don’t know, I have “Perfect Tommy” as VP. ‘Nuff said.

Major Announcement

Hello fellow citizens of America,

My name is Buckaroo Banzai, and I am here to request that you vote for me as your next President of the United States of America.

Why I Run

Our country is in major crisis. We have threats like the Red Lectroids from Planet 10 that potentially pose a problem to our great nation. We cannot trust my opponents Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to master navigation of the 8th Dimension.

So I, together with my cabinet of the Hong Kong Cavaliers, pledge to defend our nation from these existential threats.


Thank you America for giving me this opportunity to run for President of the U.S. Please, read more about me or donate to my campaign today.

And remember the words of my famous campaign slogan: “Wherever you go, there you are.”

~ Buckaroo Banzai