Q Who is Buckaroo Banzai and why is he running for office?
A: Look here for info on Banzai and why he is running for office.

Q: Who is Perfect Tommy and is “Perfect” his first name?
A: Perfect Tommy can be read about here. As for the second part… he’s just, “perfect”.

Q: What party are you running under?
A: Buckaroo Banzai is his own party.

Q: Are phone numbers and email address real on this site?
A: They are fictional email addresses and phone numbers (it is unknown if they actually connect to a real line). Do not call without good reason, and do not be afraid of silence. The Red Lectroids could be listening in…

Q: I came across this page and noticed a donate button. Is this real?
A: This is a page created to promote an alternative to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It is headed by a fictional character and therefore we are not a real campaign.

Q: Where do donations go?
A: All donations go to the founder of this site, Jonathan Hart. They are non-refundable and will be used for whatever he wishes, whether site related or not.

Q: Is there any advice for donations?
A: Don’t donate, unless you are just feeling generous 🙂