Our Platform

The Question on every citizen’s mind this election is “Where Do The Candidates Stand?”

This is what I hope to explain here:

Foreign Policy & Immigration

National Defense

Our military is absolutely necessary. Indeed, I would say we must continue to strengthen our military presence both nationally, internationally, and inter-planetary.

The Red Lectroids attacked us from Planet 10. We cannot have a repeat of this threat. I have come up with a very good plan – named the Banzai Stratagem – that will involve increasing our military spending while cleaning up waste and fraud in our economy.

What I believe this will accomplish is establish a strong defense and offense that may be used to defend our nation from any threat that a country, race, or planet may pose to us.


As the son of immigrants to the United States, I believe everyone should have equal opportunity here. Without immigrants, we would have never gotten The Overthruster and no one would have been able to enter the 8th Dimension

Social Rights

Gun Control & The 2nd Amendment

I fully support the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms with no restrictions. Therefore we may defend ourselves from the Red Lectroids.

Protection of 1st Amendment Rights

I believe every human being (and Perfect Tommy has advised me on these social issues, so they must be right) has the freedom to believe and practice any religion or lack thereof.

I also believe that everyone has a right to say what is on their mind, even if it is offensive. Those who take offense can go elsewhere.

I do not believe, however, the threats and violent speech should be able to be prosecuted.

Protection of Life

I believe every human being has a right to life, even those not yet born into this world. Everyone must have the same opportunity in our great nation.

Protected Classes & Affirmative Action

I believe every person should have equal opportunity in America. Therefore we must protect the rights of all people, regardless or race, class, or ethnicity.

The Economy


I believe that free markets operate very well, and I will lower all tax burdens on the taxpayers. I have created a very thought-out, well-detailed plan that I call “The Banzai Stratagem”, which is tied in with National Security.

This plan will lower tax brackets throughout the United States to allow everyone to have equal opportunity while working

Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage is like a tax on employers for employees. I oppose a high minimum wage.

Government Funding

While I oppose most government funding, as a long time scientist I do support some government funding to scientific research. Otherwise, The Overthruster would have never been a reality.


Government should not be involved in attempting to bail out a business. As someone who did pretty well at economics, I would oppose this.


~ Buckaroo Banzai